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Animals often have variations of the same diseases humans can have, including skin rashes, eye and ear infections, heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes. Medicating pets presents unique problems that often are best dealt with through compounding.

As any pet owner is well aware, animals can be extremely difficult to treat with medications. Cats are tend to refuse to swallow pills, and usually will eat right around one disguised in food. Dogs don’t appreciate a traditional solution of medication being squirted into their mouth, but they’ll take it gladly when it’s flavored with meat or part of a tasty biscuit or treat.

The pet that refuses to take medication because of the taste is a prime opportunity for compounding. By working closely with your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist can prepare medicines in easy-to-give flavored dosage forms that animals happily devour.

Because every animal patient is unique, Veterinarians deal with unique problems . We offer a wide range of solutions to  these problems for small and large animals. We can create:

  • Small and Large Doses
  • Special Injections
  • Special Eye Drops

Veterinary Medicines and Flavoring

Is your pet not taking its medicine?  We can help. We’ll work with you and your veterinarian to come up with a flavor that works. If that fails we may be able to make a topical preparation that you can apply on your pet’s skin.

Many commercially available medicines are not flavored for veterinary use. Here, at Medicineers we can make it much simpler for you to give your pet medicine by creating a customized product that it won’t mind taking.

We have many different flavors in our compounding lab and the experience to make a medicine even a fruit bat likes. We have the usual beef, chicken or fish but what about some of our more exotic animal patients.

We have more than 30 different flavors to choose from for your pet! Common flavors are beef, liver, fish and chicken. Other useful flavors for different animals include:

  • Green apple for a Marmoset
  • Raspberry for an Iguana or a Pigeon
  • Malt for a Goat
  • Grape for Cockatoo
  • Cheese for a Rat
  • Banana for a Ferret
  • Apple or Orange for exotic birds
  • Apple for a Fruit Bat
  • Strawberry for a Spider Turtle

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