Medicineers at USPharmaceutica specializes in compounding. Our pharmacists have received extensive training in compounding techniques and have access to a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. We are active members of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Medicineers at USPharmaceutica accepts prescriptions from licensed prescribers via the phone, fax (some exceptions may apply), or hard copy. By law, we are not allowed to dispense any compounded medications without an authorized prescription from a licensed prescriber. We would be happy to speak with you or your doctor regarding questions you may have about compounding or the prescribing process.

Medicineers at USPharmaceutica – Expanding Physician Treatment Options via Compounding

We can help expand patient treatment options by formulating creative, individualized, compounded medications that can improve compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success, and reduce the overall cost of pharmaceutical care. There are many cases where compounding can benefit the patient; here are some of the most common:

• The patient requires a customized dose of a medication
• The patient has difficulty taking a medication in its commercially available form
• The patient needs a medicine that has been discontinued by the manufacturer
• The patient is allergic to certain agents used to make a medication


Medicineers at USPharmaceutica provides specialized medication and support for a variety of chronic health conditions such as:

• Infertility
• Cancer
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Hepatitis
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Pediatric and Adult Organ Transplant
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Many more!

Our staff can help verify your insurance and explore potential saving with prescriptions discount cards.

We offer convenient online refills, prescription transfers and delivery of medications.