Human Health & Nutrition

Some Individuals and their healthcare needs do not fall in the ‘window’ or ‘categories’ of theoretical dosage strength and forms made by big pharma.

Large scale pharmaceutical companies cannot efficiently and cost-effectively tailor medications for a small group of patients or meet the changing needs of a given patient.

Of particular importance are: home healthcare; unavailable drugs / dosage forms / doses; orphan drugs and natural / biological products. Equally some components of the medicines patients take could trigger allergic and other undesirable / unwanted reactions.

At  Medicineers through the understanding of principles of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics unit operations and production practices, we provide services on a granularity of one that cannot be fulfilled by big pharma.

Our people use the full complement of their scientific and technical background to develop unique solutions for individualized therapy based on a pharmacist-patient-prescriber relationship.

We fill the gap to help meet the needs of the entire range of patients receiving therapy.

We are capable of producing:

  • More than 50 different conceivable doses of a medicine,
  • More than 30 different flavored version of a medicine or
  • 15 different dosage form

We can eliminate or substitute unwanted components of a medication causing allergic reactions with a better alternative

We work with doctors  of all specialties with prescriptive authority.   Email us or call to learn more.

Animal Health & Nutrition

Medicineers at USPharmaceutica helps veterinarians, animal owners and keepers develop products and drug delivery solutions to enhance a wide array of animal health and nutrition needs.Our integrated teams of scientists, pharmacists and technicians from across our broad spectrum of capabilities offer custom therapeutic solutions to meet the requirements for domestic and sports animals

We can also help with information on safety and efficacy studies for animal drug development as well as help propel your research on the safety of nutritional ingredients in pet food.

Email us today to learn more.