Our Offerings: 

We provide state-of-the-art, progressive and full range of pharmacist clinical and specialty formulation services including:

  • Generous personal service
  • Prescriptions ready same day
  • Injectable and specialty medications
  • Unique pediatric formulations
  • Easy prescription transfers
  • Adult immunizations and medication management
  • Phone and mail order prescriptions
  • Customized Men and Women’s Health medication
  • E-prescribing
  • Phone / Online refills
  • Patient medication management and counseling
  • Convenient location

Pharmacists Clinical Services for Patients

You will always find expert service from our pharmacists for filling your prescriptions and answering your questions about your
wellness immunizations, preventive vaccines, prescriptions and over the counter medications.

Our pharmacy clinical services professionals work closely with your doctor to provide you with high-quality pharmaceutical care. Visit our pharmacy today for your Travel or pandemic (Covid 19) vaccines, routine wellness prescriptions as well as dietary / nutritional products for your family and pets too!


Drug Formulation Design Services for Prescribers

Medicineers’ drug design services further enable doctors to create innovative and effective methods for drug administration.

We work to support prescriber’s goal of efficacy, compliance and adherence to prescribed regimen by each of our clients’ patient.

Using our expertise in dosage form design, testing capabilities and packaging design, we can provide a range of drug delivery technologies to match drugs to the optimal delivery form for a variety of patient population in different clinical settings.

Clinical Pharmaceutics for R&D

  • First-in-human trials – Exploratory Phase I trials including Proof-of-Concept trials
  • Our approach meet the high standards required by ISO guidelines and directives and regulatory bodies.  
  • We use state-of-the-art techniques and novel technology. 
  • We have human pilot trial experience with novel medical devices and biotechnology products.
Email us to learn how our highly skilled experts can assist you in your clinical studies.