How to Send a Compounding Medical Prescription Rx:

There are several ways you can send a medical prescription to The Medicineers

1) Call The Medicineers at 972-905–4911 (drug compounds) or 972-905-4917 (pharmacist clinical services) or call Toll Free at:  855-282-6063 (drug compounds) or 855-282-6064 (pharmacist clinical services).

2) Fax: 972-905-4912 or

3) Escribe to Medicineers at USPharmaceutica

You can also speak with a Medicineer (Drug Compounding Specialist), for any questions you have regarding your prescription. We can do any research needed or make a recommendation based on our extensive database formulary in house.  We are happy to help you find the right solution!


Always include a legibly Printed Name and Phone Number for both the Prescriber and the Patient.

What happens once we receive the Rx?

Please remember that compounded medications are prepared to order and we do not begin preparing the medication until we have spoken with the patient for their approval.  Once we have received a prescription, the patient is called and we review the medication being ordered, answer any questions they may have and tell them the cost.

As soon as we receive the patient’s approval to make the medication, the Rx is prepared and dispensed.  (Most prescriptions are prepared within 24 – 72 hours of patient approval.)  After several quality control checkpoints, the Rx will receive it’s final check.  The medication will be shipped to the patient or we will call the patient to let them know their medication is ready to be picked up, depending on the patient’s preference. As a courtesy, we always call the patient to let them know their medication is ready for pick up.

Thank you for your confidence and support in Medicineers at USPharmaceutica!

We are here to help you. Never hesitate to call us to discuss a patient and their prescription – we can assist you before the patient leaves your office!