Medicineers at USPharmaceutica is your resource for ear, nose and throat customized medication formulations.  Knowledge, Know-how, specialized equipment, ingredients and drug delivery systems allows us to provide quality medications in dosage forms that are not available through major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Medicineers at USPharmaceutica work with otolaryngologists to provide customized therapeutic options for patients with chronic sinus diseases and other ENT conditions. Luckily, there are options available for chronic sinusitis sufferers. Antibiotics, anti-fungals and steroids are used separately or in conjunction with one another to treat refractory sinus conditions.

Suggested compounds using LoxaSperse: Suggested Compounds Using LoxaSperse

There are several delivery options. Currently, we suggest NasoNeb. For more information, please call one of our Medicines Engineers’.

NasoNeb Brochure